A Thank You to All

First off our MSF Flight girls balled this weekend and we are all proud of what they accomplished playing up in there division games, be proud of the process, yourselves and the hard work in a short period of time that each one you had as a team. ‪Second we want to say thank the parent’s and there involment in our program as we all know its not easy to take the time off and travel to mid America for the long weekend and play ball, I know your athletes appreciate you as well as us the coaches and staff of MSF Flight. We played hard and competed for the little time we had to bring these teams together. ‬ We are excited for the upcoming tournaments the MSF Flight boys and girls basketball and girls volleyball teams will be playing in, we have some incredible talent in our programs. One thing all programs talk about is being a family I want to say when we say our programs revolve around family its the truth here at MSF Flight it’s just not about basketball/volleyball it’s about the quality time we spend outside the court with our teams, with our parents/family and friends at practice at tournaments inside the gym and outside the gym it’s the communication and involvement by all of us in the MSF Flight program that make us stand out as a PROGRAM as you look through our pictures and highlight videos look at what family means as we have our entire girls circuit teams over for taco night and the camaraderie that went on it’s truly a dynamic thing when you can mix different players, parents coaches and staff together to have a great time and teaches not only us as adults but our kids see that no matter what happens on the court good or bad we can all come together and improve parts of ourself to make each other be a better person. And I cannot thank the parents and the staff of coaches for MSF Flight, our director Ryan Zyla, our operations manager Travis Echelbarger, our team advisors Codi Cole, Amber McKenzie and Mike Mericle and best of all our athletes that trust us to provide an atmosphere to develope them into what they need to take them to the next level of the game. Very proud of all of you!!! MSF Flight isn’t just a basketball or volleyball program it’s a movement it’s the Flight Movement we see all the negative agendas floating around in our world today, well that is not what we have here. We have the MSF Flight Movement we have driven, dedicated, outstanding leadership, great kids, athletes, parents, staff and coaches thats brings a positive atmosphere to our program and everyday life that’s the “MSF Flight Movement”.

Thank you to all,
Bruce Freshcorn
MSF Owner/Coach‪