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Coach Contract

As a coach for the MSF Flight Program:

*He/She will ensure that players, parents, and spectators are adhering to all MSF policies, but also policies of facility/tournaments/ games when traveling. 

*He/She will notify the Flight Director within 24 hours if a new player is added to the team roster.

*He/She will ensure all athletes on the team have the correct uniforms. 

*Will communicate issues and/or concerns with the Flight Director  

*As a coach for the MSF Flight Program, I understand that I will be financially compensated for my time.  The amount will be decided by the Flight Director.  I understand that if I do not fulfill the contract terms or I quit coaching/or asked to leave before the season is completed, I will no longer receive any financial compensation.  

I agree to represent MSF, and the Flight program in a positive and respectful manner, not just at the facility and when coaching but outside of those times as well. 

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