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Parent Contract

*The Parent/Guardian will fully support the coach and coaching staff throughout the season.  

*They understand that he/she will not coach from the sidelines, question the coach’s decisions, complain about playing time, or display any other negative actions that could affect the athletes and team.  

*The parent/guardian understands that he/she represents the Flight Program as does the athletes.  

*He/She will be respectful during games and let the coaches handle referees and/or other issues that may occur.  

*The parent/guardian will follow the communication policy developed by the flight program . 

*The parent/guardian is aware that lack of participation in practice can affect their athlete’s playing time

*The parent/guardian fully understands that any and all payment is non-refundable and certain circumstances will be determined by the Player Cancellation/Refund Policy. 

*If an athlete is unable to attend a practice or game, it is expected the player and/or parent to notify the coaches at least a day before the practice or game. 

*Agrees to abide by the payment plan that was agreed upon. 

By signing this contact the parent/guardian has read, acknowledged and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the Player Cancellation/Refund Policy, MSF Waiver and the Communication Policy.  



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