Training with Coach Frasier

We are excited to provide training with Ryan Frasier. Coach Frasier knows the game of basketball in its entirety on an elite level. Though this extra training is not required, as there is an additional cost, but we strongly recommend it. Our hope would be each athlete would be able to commit to 1 training a week. This is not intended as a money maker for the program, but as a way to ensure that our individual athletes are able to take advantage of all things to take their game to the next level. Athletes are able to pay a $50.00 a month pre-pay fee. The pre-pay fee ensures at least three training sessions with Coach Frasier. If this is not feasible, please reach out and we can make arrangements to best suit your family.

Pay Flight $50 pre-pay fee

Pay for one session with Coach Frasier ($25)

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